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Our Products

Protected Growth Portfolio™

This product is designed for retirees and for those who consider protection of their assets is more important than stellar gains in the market. Of course, we want the portfolio to grow when the markets are good but the most important thing is to avoid big losses when the market is bad.  

10% Dividend Fund™

This is a new product we have developed in 2021 that generates taxable dividends. In 2021 we tested this product and the results were promising. The returns were in excess of 15% after dividends and fees. This is a riskier product because we leverage the fund and if we experience bad performance with one of our holdings, it could adversely affect the overall fund performance.  

Double Band Option Fund™

This is a new product we developed in 2021 and the name of this fund sounds like there is a lot of music involved.  There is no music but a lot of action in that there are options (Puts and Calls) being traded on both sides of the market.  It probably sounds complicated because it is. But our results have been very promising during its first year.  In 2021 this fund grew by  32%. 

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