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10% Dividend Fund™

This is a new product we have developed in 2021 that generates taxable dividends. In 2021 we tested this product and the results were promising.  The returns were in excess of 15% after dividends and fees. This is a riskier product because we leverage the fund and if we experience bad performance with one of our holdings, it could adversely affect the overall fund performance. 

 We have a target return of 10% with this fund. Our base management fee is 2% of the market value of the fund.   If the returns are less than 10%, we charge no fees. If the returns are over 10% after our base fee, we charge 20% of the return over 10%. The base fee and incentive fee are charged and collected at the end of the calendar year.  Here is an example:  Assume the fund gains 18%. We would collect a 2% That means the net return to the investor would be 14.8% (16%-1.2%).  And our total fee would be 3.2% (2% base fee plus 1.2% incentive fee).

This is a long range strategy and funds can only be drawn out once a year, after year’s end when the yearly results and account balances are calculated.  The minimum investment is $500,000. 

Note: This product is still in testing stage and not yet available to the public.

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